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2 ways to pay for your order:

1st Method:

Now you placed your order, You just need to check your email to get your personal link

(0): Your personal link to pay your order, sent to you by email.

Click on that link (0) and pay for your order as shown in the picture below.

(1) the website where you will pay, you will find your personal link in your email, just check it now.

(2) Random product name

(3) Your order’s number


(4) Your email

(5) Your subscription price

(6) Pay using Bank Card

(7) Pay using Paypal

2nd Method:

If you didn’t receive the link in your email, Just send the payment to our Paypal email, Please don’t forget to include your order number with the payment.



After Placing The Order, Please, Check Your Email To Get The Payment Instruction